Friday, January 27, 2012

Baths and books don't mix

For some reason... Colston decided his two of his three favorite books needed to get in the bath. At first I was mad because I LOVE books and lately he's been putting his favorite ones through the ringer, yet still wants ONLY to read those before bed. The Gruffalo, The Big Red Barn, and I Love You Stinkyface.... I made myself try to understand his thinking. He has torn some pages and the cardboard books, he's peeled apart. (Maybe thinking it was another page?) ANYWAY... He loves the bath and he loves his books. So maybe he wanted them to take a bath with him. I love him but sometimes.... ha... he drives me crazy! Brandon fished them out and I propped them up to dry. 
PS: Everyone should own these books... AND The Big Red Barn 

Spots of sunshine!

Tuesday we decided to head out to our friend Jessi and Ollie's house for a play date. The kids had a lot of fun playing but I didn't get any pictures except one. I must mention though the funniest thing that happened just so I can remember it down the road. Jessi and I were chatting in the living room while the kids were back in Olivia's room playing. Things got pretty quiet but I was nursing Smackers and Jessi has a blown back at the moment. A minute later her little lady Olivia came crawling down the hall with a red marker coloring on the hard wood. As she glanced up I noticed her face had red drawings all over it. I quickly stopped nursing and ran down the hall to investigate. I found Colston on Ollie's bed just sitting there. I scanned the walls with my eyes and found nothing. But when they reached the floor... that's when I saw it. I should have taken pictures dang it. BUT there were drawings all over the light tan carpet and a handful of her stuffed animals. Colston just looked at me and said, 'Cholor?' He had no marker so we will never know if they both colored or what. He had a mark on his eyelid, his neck, and his hand. We were able to clean it all up, but have seen a glimpse of our future with these two trouble makers. Watch out world!
 Sawyer 'horsing' around while the bigger kids play

On the 25th (Wednesday), there were some breaks of sunshine in the clouds. After a hard workout with my husband I decided we should take the kids on a walk. Loosen up our muscles and get some fresh air. I wasn't sure how Sawyer would do in the bike carriage that turns into a stroller but we just tucked her in nice and tight with blankets. We saw the duck down the street and just enjoyed being outside. When we got back home Colston had a melt down. This kid could stay outside ALL day if we let him. It wouldn't matter if he was soaked, freezing, or naked probably. I felt bad so.....
 We said bye to dad and sister and journeyed down to the cul-de-sac to get some four wheeling in. HE LOVES HIS FOUR WHEELER. Problem is, he doesn't QUITE know how to steer very well. He's good at going in circles and crashing into things. I spent more time detouring him from neighbors' cars and the curb more than anything. I can't even explain how I feel when I see his cute smiles while riding his quad. He casually glances at me with huge grins and musical giggles... I could play with this kid all day. I love him. 
 'HI MOM!'

The next day (Thursday) Brandon's mom came to visit. Brandon got home from work early and the sun was again shining. We decided to take another walk to feed the duck that lives down the street. Brandon wanted to stay home so I left Smac with him and off we were with our 'Uck food' (Duck food=bread) We got to where we usually see the duck and he was no where to be found. It was pretty lame. 
 I am pretty sure he ran the entire time. Not to mention this was around 2pm and he still hadn't had a nap. His spirits were surprisingly happy! He pointed out all the airplanes, tripped in the dirt, ran in the water (should have worn our rain boots), sat on someone's decorative wall, and talked the whole time...
 ...not to mention he had to hug every tree...
 Then we noticed that behind that green fence was.... A TRACTOR. (A Cat tractor to be exact) Boy did C kick his running into high gear. HE LOVES tractors. Grama T helped him run fast so he didn't fall and so he could see what was going on. 

 He held onto that fence for probably ten minutes just staring at the tractor pushing the dirt around. I bet he would have giving ANYTHING to get to do it himself ha! Even his blankie... well maybe. (I LOVE his little finger pointing in that picture.)
 What a sweet face. I love my curious boy.
 This is the tractor we were watching pushing the dirt around.
I said his name so I could get a picture of his face.... I LOVE it. I LOVE him. And I LOVE sunny days and being outside. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet Big Brother

How to be a super hero brother:

Get the Bink

Put in mouth

Stare at each other... ha

This was so sweet because she kept crying so her bink would fall out and he would laugh. He would then retrieve her bink and give it back then give her a 'binkie kiss'
He's so sweet to her and I love it... and they love each other.

Wisdom? Not anymore...

Tuesday January 17, 2012 was a day I have dreaded FOREVER. Although my wisdom teeth have been grown in for years... straight and all... the dentist said it was time for them to be pulled. I was PETRIFIED. I would MUCH rather have a baby than get my teeth pulled. I have never had teeth pulled but in my mind I was so nervous and scared. The surgery was set for Tuesday though. My mom drove me to the oral surgeon and stayed during the procedure. I was put out because I wouldn't have done it if not. I felt the needle go in my hand and nothing after that. I was then wheeled to my mom's car and we went to the pharmacy to get my pain medicine. I ended up taking a small amount and have healed almost all the way. I stayed the night at my parents house so my mom could help with the kids because B had to work. My medicine made me CRASH and I didn't want to be left alone with the kids. The first two nights stunk. (I went home the next night) But we did spend the days at my parents house. We even got some snow and C got to play in it. Thursday night B offered to get up with the kids because he doesn't work Friday's. To our surprise we woke up realizing we never got up in the night. All FOUR of us slept for NINE hours straight. It was amazing. My face never bruised and didn't get TOO swollen. Here are the pictures of our week adventure:

(Didn't want to post this but for memory it is)
This was as swollen as I got... and I was still numb and had big wads of gauze in my mouth... GROSS.

Tuesday night
 Snowman with dad!
Wednesday: Snow day for Mathew 
Sledding fun!

And the little miss was held and loved by everyone! She is addicting.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Sawyer woke up this morning at 2:30am. No biggie... I fed her, changed her, and then rocked her. It usually takes me about and hour or TWO to get this girl back to sleep. She sleeps every night about 5-8 hours straight so I can't complain. But unlike MOST normal newborns who go to sleep usually in the middle of nursing... she does not. I took this picture with my phone though because she's totally sleeping. Completely out... with her hands just like this. Makes me wonder what she's dreaming... because she totally kept smiling too. (I must add... she pooped up her back a few hours later)
 Love our little Smackers
 Once both kids woke up... about 7:30am, Colston and I showered while Sister sat in her bouncer chair. She cried pretty much the whole time and once we got out I was in a mad rush to get dressed, get Colston dressed, and pick up our dirty clothes. She stopped crying so I ran back in there worried... and this is what I found. He brought her one of his favorite books and was reading it to her and she was out. I almost cried it was so precious. Then before he saw me I got these pictures with my phone while he said, "K Ister. Shhhh." (It's ok Sister...)

Guest of Honor, Et-er (Esther)
 Our son is obsessed with his cousin Esther. They play all the time and VERY well. I wish she could drop out of school and just help me out all day. If Esther is around, no one else exists. (Most of the time) If she holds the baby, he cries. If she talks to someone or does something like go to the bathroom, he cries. And if she LEAVES, he loses it. Absolutely loses it for a good 10-15 min. She came and played today and they had a blast. They went outside, ate lunch, made a fort, and 'cholored' (colored). It was fun having her around today! 
 The one very short nap she took today. Isn't she sweet!

THEN to our surprise... IT SNOWED! By this time Grama Teresa came over to play before she went to work. When she got her, we bundled up the crazy and he went outside. (Gave Esther a break!)
 He eyes-closed-super tired-cheesy smile
He loved it and was so excited! (The picture on the bottom left is a BIG no-nap-yet-at 2pm yawn)
  They took an adventurous walk around the neighborhood and threw snowballs at each other Ü
All the while this little lady woke up and smiled and cooed at me all day. Today was a great day... can't say as much for the awaited adventures of tomorrow. At least for me. Tomorrow I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled. Stay tuned.... if I survive... hahaha!

Nursery Take Two

This year I am aiming to get Colston to go to Nursery by himself. I waited until now because when I was pregnant it was too hard to hear him cry... emotional me I suppose. ANYWAY, we tried it once and he ended up not lasting very long and could hardly breath when I went to get him. Face all red and wet from his tears and snot. Well last Sunday I made sure Sawyer was nice and full, handed her off to my mom/sister, and ventured off to Nursery with my little man. He clung to my side but eventually gained a little of his independence. Not entirely though. He cried during singing time (for an unknown reason he tends to cry when you sing sometimes. It's weird and random but it's true), he loved snack time obviously, and loved to 'Cholor' (color). I think if I keep going with him a couple more times all will be well! (At least I hope so!) Here is a picture of the picture he colored so I don't feel obligated to keep it Ü

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beacon Rock

Esther decided that for her birthday this year she wanted the family to hike Beacon Rock. Not everyone could make it because of our busy lives but there was a handful of us that braved the weather. It was RAINY and WINDY. When we got there I really had no desire to hike to the top of the big rock with Sawyer's added weight to my front. Plus I was COLD. We all bundled up and started our trek. Brandon was pretty nervous with Colston's added weight too... hahaha. Would we MAKE IT?!
 Ready to start the hike! (As soon as we put Colston in the back pack he was SO excited!) "HIKE!" he say.
 Stuart, Mathew's friend, Mathew, Esther, Emma, Meri and Mom
 Mom, me, Sawyer and Angela
 I was already SUPER tired and wanting to give up... and this was the very beginning.
 His attempt at a smile for my mom. 
 Half way? Maybe.... or not. 
 Part of the gang... It really was more windy than it looks. Plus the sprinkle/rain. PS: I was SWEATING and no longer cold... at all. 
 ZONKED out despite the COLD weather and snored the whole time. 
 On the back side where there was less wind and rain...
 Almost to the top!
 Stuart and Angela
 My boys at the top!!! Finally!
 Yes I made it! I was pretty proud of myself!
 Family picture at the top! (Haven't been her since Brandon purposed to me)
 Me and mom... you can tell how windy it is by mom's hair Ü
 I  made them take this picture and I love it. 
 Just another view of my little lady... 
 Me and my girl
 Angela, Stuart and mom on the windy trail down.
 At the bottom I wanted to give C a chance to 'hike' on his own. He wanted to stay in the backpack...
 Then this was our attempt at a family picture... failed. 
 Still trying to get away... 
 Walking the rest of the way with dad...
 ... and me...
 ... and as a family Ü
 One last rainy picture with Grama before the ride home!
And then he passed out. It was a lot of fun and even though I REALLY didn't want to do it, I am glad that I did. We had a lot of fun and YES I am proud of myself. 
ALSO just to note: While Colston was naming everyone in these pictures, instead of saying Stuart he said, 'HA-HA'. And now that's how we refer to Stuart. If you know him (Stuart), he makes that sound A LOT. Apparently more than he thinks he does if that's what Colston calls him!