Thursday, October 27, 2011


September came SO fast this year it seems. Before we knew it, it was a few days before Brandon's birthday. I got him some really nice binoculars for hunting and he was super happy about it! We had a birthday dinner for him of steak and stuff and his family came over. A few days later my birthday rolled around. I got a new Nikon camera (a smaller one) so that I can take it places without worrying about it so much. One that fits in my purse and that I can take pictures when it's raining and not worry about my lens and what not. Brandon also took me and Colston to Thai food. I have never been and was super excited. My excitement soon ended when we got our food because Colston had the biggest melt down of going-out-to-eat HISTORY. He was mad because I wouldn't let him shovel Brandon's food over to my plate. I told B to pay and get the food to go and just walked out with a screaming Colston. Happy Birthday to me! Hahahaha... the older you get... the less cool they seem. 

 Sawyer's Room being painted by dad... finished project pictures coming soon!!!

Colston's big boy bed and new baseball shelf... CLEAN room pictures to come soon. And that lump in his bed is my body pillow to help him not fall off the bed. 


 Our tired little friend... 

 Watching FOOTBALL.... this boy gets real excited for football.

 Colston LOVES to wear ANYONE'S shoes ALL over the house. 

 And he likes to find my hair ties... hahaha!

 Brandon taught C to rub my feet. For being so small he does a decent job!

 I had to add this picture because this is one of Colston's FAVORITE things to do. He literally will push this little four-wheeler around my parents yard for HOURS. If he needs to change directions he just picks it up and continues on his merry way. If he gets stuck, he yells at it. Not to mention he, at home, will push his little trucks around... or his toy bins. At Angela's, it's a laundry basket. I'm not sure WHY he loves to do this... but it's pretty dang cute. 

 This place near our house serves the BEST soft serve ice cream EVER. This cone is a MEDIUM. They have chocolate, vanilla, swirl, BLACK RASPBERRY, and black raspberry/vanilla swirl. See how happy this kid is?! And Colston too?! Hahahaha!

This pregnancy I failed my one hour glucose test. Just like I did with Colston. SOOOO I had to go back to the Dr. for the four hour test. I was NOT happy because ONE I hate needles and TWO, I did NOT want fail and have gestational diabetes again. I didn't have as much trouble with the needles this time as last, but it still was AWFUL. BUT to my WONDERFUL surprise I PASSED! I don't have GD this time around. I do not have to prick my finger four times a day. I don't have to watch what I eat AS closely... though it would probably be smarter.

This Little Buddy Man got really sick. It was the first time as a mom that I was absolutely terrified. He had a little fever in the morning when we left for work. By the time we picked him up from my sister's, his fever had spiked to 102. When we got home it went up to 104.7 and I instantly started to panic. As I called the advice nurse Brandon put him in the bath tub to try and bring the fever down. I was crying on the phone and got some good advice from the nurse on the other end. We got Colston's fever down and he fell asleep on me in his diaper. The next morning he was back to normal and all smiles for the camera! The picture on the right is what I got when I said, 'Smile for dad to show him you feel better!' (Brandon was at work) I'm SO grateful for our insurance and for people who can calm me down and give me useful advice! That is a blessing!!!

 This is a random picture my mom sent us while we were at work. I love that she sends me pictures when I can't be at home with him. And I LOVE this smile. How could you NOT?!

 September had some good weather so he was able to play with the hose still... Love this cute kid SO much!

AND one of my MOST favorite pictures... I went to the store with Brittney and Colston and on the way home he was yelling so loudly. When we stopped at the light I turned around and THIS is what he was doing! I could NOT stop laughing. He is such a ham... I love that he keeps me on my toes and keeps us smiling everyday!


August was full of a lot of really wonderful and amazing things. Here is an overview of what went down! 

The New Evans'
These two lovebirds got married. It was awesome to see my very own niece make this huge decision in her life and enter the Temple with the one she loves. They are great for each other and couldn't be happier. They ended up getting married on one of the hottest day of the year and man was it hot! I took their wedding pictures and everyone loved how they turned out so that's a plus! After the Temple we all gathered at my parents house for the reception. It was fun seeing it all done up again since that's where Brandon and I were married... it was EXTRA special because she wore my dress. 

 Colston sat and listened really well at Grandma Teresa's... (I LOVE this picture)

 Colstons played with Grandpa Barry and even mowed the lawn... 

One day this kid came downstairs from his nap... just like this. Diaper in hand and a big cheesy grin behind his bink. I could NOT stop laughing... ha!!!

This kid keeps getting bigger and I am not sure if I LOVE it... or DISLIKE it. Ok really I love it... but it does make me sad to see my baby boy grow up. 

 Brandon's best friend Jay got married. It was another hot day but we lived through it. :o) Brandon was the best man and was OH so handsome. As was our little man who could NOT stop playing with the ice. And I was totally ok with that! (I just wished I could have joined him... or at least put my swollen feet in it.)

 Sweet baby boy Miles... 

 Mr. Colston starting working out with Dad and Uncle Jeremy... and Grandma too ha!!!

 Just an awesome picture of him sleeping that I love...

 We ate a lot of popsicles and ice cream...

 Hung out with our cousin Miles...

And just smiled cheesy smiles :o)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

BABY MILES!!! JULY 27, 2011

This woman rocks. She was SUCH a trooper! And as a result, brought a little, perfect, angel into this world. She's a WONDERFUL mother and you can tell she loves her sweet boy. We were all there waiting at the hospital... for a long time. I think we got there around 9am the 26th (Britt's bday) and Baby Miles was born July 27th a little before 9pm. First baby I have seen be born. It was quite the experience but maybe it's because I'm a mom now that I didn't think it was gross. hahahaha!
 After the epidural...
 Team mate getting ready to help! (Aunt Britt)
 Reminding Amber to breath...
 Excited, nervous, grateful Grandma Teresa!
Sweetest moment...
 First family picture
 LOVE this face...
 6lbs and 19inches (I believe)

 Baby feet!!!
 All smiles... and of course some water...
 Meeting Dad
 Happy, tired family.
 Miles with Grandpa Berry
 Us with Miles
 Happy aunt Britt with baby miles
 Hugs from dad
 Overjoyed Grandma Teresa
 (not the greatest picture but it's still sweet)

We wanted Colston to be able to meet his new cousin. He did SO good and was SO nice to the new baby. Gives me hope for the new baby in our own family!!! (He isn't always the nicest)

WE ALSO FOUND OUT WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A GIRL!!! YAY! (What are we going to do with pink and purple and dolls and.... man...) We couldn't be happier to someday soon meet our little Sawyer Alexandria McCreedy. Now known as SMAC 
James and two of his sisters and his niece.