Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baby Kate

Just an update picture... She is getting bigger and cuter EVERY day! I love love love love babies!


So every once in awhile at work, my friends and I get bored and find fun things to pass the time! Last week Tabby and I had to upstack on top of a bunch of pallets and found a dolphin and ended up blowing it up and taking some pictures. Ha... If you really like it, we sell them at Dollar Tree for only a Dollar. The flowers too... hahahaha! What can I say, we get bored.

Just Me and the Dolphin

Tabby and the Dolphin


(kinda blurry)


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Talks...

So today I had to give a talk at church on testimony. I was super nervous cause when I asked Brandon if he would like to come listen he actually said yes. So I thought a little bit about what I was going to say the week prior to today... and I decided I wasn't going to write anything down becuase everytime I do, I never say what I write. I did end up writing just a few scriptures down, but only used a few of them. HA.... so I was last to speak and the two talks before me were the same topic. So it was hard to say things that weren't already said and I was almost glad I didn't write anything down. It probably would have been the same as the first two. So I just kinda bore my testimony of testimonies. As silly as that sounds, other than feeling like I rambled on for ten minutes, I think it went alright. Just thought that I would share my whole talk experience :o) PS Brandon said I did a really good job, so I guess at least a few people understood my rambles. I probably couldn't tell you what I said either! Well it's the start of a new week... I am not looking forward to work but hey it's life. Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Lovely

So Brandon loves to fish. He would go everyday if he could. I am trying to gain an interest myself so we can do it together. I even bought two of my own fishing poles last year and a fishing license. I caught a steelhead which is a pretty big accomplishment I hear! hahahaha... Anyway Brandon got a chance to go fishing with his best friend Jay the other day and I was kinda glad I didn't have to go! But that's a secret so don't tell! But here is a recent picture of my love and his little trout Ü

Monday, June 2, 2008


So I can't believe it's already June. We are half way done with the year of 2008 and I seriously am shocked. It's funny how the older you get the faster time really does fly. It's weird.... But anyway not much is going on I guess... but here is an update for those of you who don't know.

1) Work. They are closing down the department I work in at the DC. It's a big shock for everyone considering 50 of us work there. No none of us are losing our jobs but it's going to be pretty crazy for the next few months. They are offering weeks off at a time just to help the warehouse not be so crowded. (Though I can't afford that with my new car!) But the thing is, we have to find a place for 50 people in three other departments that already are well employed. So I guess we will see how this turns out. Whatever, as long as I still have my job. PS... I am looking at getting another part time job to work nights and work my young life away. Sounds fun huh?

2) Baby Zach. He went to the doctor today and got three shots. Yuck. You can definitely tell he's not feeling so hot. I feel kinda bad for the kid. I snuggled him for about an hour after I got home today and he is NOT a snuggly boy. So I enjoyed it! Anyway, he now weighs 18 lbs and is 27 in long. Instead of being in the 2 percentile, he has now reached the 10 percent! YAY for growing baby Zach. We are working on his crawling for he is a little slow but he is getting better everyday. No more teeth yet....

3) Baby Kathryn received her name and blessing on Sunday and it was awesome. Here is a little picture. You can even see she is filling out in her face!

Definitely a STALEY!

4) Last but not least, Friends: I had the chance to have a girls night out with some friends from work. It was so much fun! We went to a place in Portland called the melting pot. It's ALL fondue! DELICIOUS. It is SUPER expensive but SO worth the experience! Here are some pictures.

The sign outside

Tabby, Britani, Sally, and ME

All the goodies to dip into the CHOCOLATE!

Four girls and some chocolate fondue... well kinda!

Sally and I and our yummy SPARKLING CIDER!