Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Typical Tuesday

I made this special blog to be featured on a wonderful girls blog today... might as well post it on my own... hahahaha

My Tuesdays always start the same... at 3:30AM. Alarm goes off and I hit snooze about one billion times, or so it seems. We usually end up rolling out of bed at 3:45AM. Both my husband and I work... FOR NOW, and one day hope that I will be able to stay at home and be a FULL TIME MOM, BUT realistically right now, I must work. It stinks and we hate it but you do what you gotta do...
FIRST I do this...Then I get the awful pleasure of waking up my peanut head.

He always looks so cozy and I always feel so bad...

Next we trot downstairs and say good morning to Brandon, get our lunch together and get Colston ready for my parents house. (They and my sister watch Colston for free which is A BLESSSSSSSSING!)

After we drive to my parents house every morning, we then travel on our way to work. We have to be there by 5:00AM and we work ten hour days. It's lame and I always miss my little man. ONE perk about my job is that I get to work with Brandon. I LOVE getting to see my husband all day everyday...


This would be a can from China. It comes full of boxes and I take them out, build pallets with them, and then they go on their merry way. THESE happen to be 19lbs boxes stacked to the ceiling. (ALL 533 of them) Made for a workout!

Breakfast @ 7:15AM
Lunch @10AM
DONE @ 3:30PM

Now we start our journey home!

Getting Gas isn't USUAL for our Tuesday's but duty called and we listened.


FINALLY after a long day at work... we make it home to this guy!

He makes our lives so much better than it ever was before!

We get some good playing in...

And next we eat some dinner. (Don't worry he really eats more than this but since he's been sick with a cold this seems to be all he wants)

Next Brandon gets an hour or so with Colston while I head to the gym.

Once we get Colston to bed around 7:30, we usually try to clean up as much as we can, as fast as we can. Our house is usually messy but we love our crazy life. I know Brandon wouldn't trade it for anything... and NEITHER WOULD I.

... now repeat...

*Thank you Rachel for allowing my presence on your amazing blog!!!*

Monday, March 14, 2011


On the seventh of February this kid turned ten months... I can NOT even believe it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Randoms of February

I don't even have words for how cute this chunk is! How can you NOT love him?

Awesome tiger pants... made by Aunt Kim for her boys who are now tooooo big for them

Playing with Grama Connie

Favorite past time? Climbing the stairs. Always makes this kid SUPER happy!

LOVE those thighs!

What's in here?

He's a climber!

I looked over one day and thought, you seem pretty tall right now... here's why:

And last.... another one of his favorite things to do.

No matter how busy he keeps us, we both can't imagine our life without him. Parenting is HARD. There are days I could cry, times I wish I could just sleep, and MUCH MUCH MORE. But no matter what I could complain about, doesn't compare to how many WONDERFUL things there are. I love being a mother. I love being a wife. I love my family so much and can't believe I got so lucky. My boys are pretty dang cute!


We've never had a surprise party for dad so I planned a short and sweet one just for him!!! It was the Saturday before Colston and I started our adventure so we just had dessert and presents. Adrienne and her family and Kim couldn't make it but here are some pictures!!!

We all CAN count to 61 but we didn't have cake and I didn't want to try to hold that many candles!


Jonathan holding Ruby and Colston

You better believe we had balloons!





Angela and Mom

Miss Ruby

Highchair adventures 02-08-2011

We sure do love this little buddy man of ours!