Monday, October 13, 2008

My Secret Date for my LOVE

So I concluded that Brandon and I hadn't had a good fun date in awhile. Just the two of us. So I decided to do something about it cause I was starting to miss him a little. (Yes I see him everyday but never just the two of us) I told him that I was taking him somewhere and that he had to leave his saturday open. And he had NO clue what was planned Ü. Our date started at about 8:30am and I took him out to breakfast. We had a chance to talk and it was wonderful. I then surprised him with where we were going... OMSI!!!!! He was so excited and so was I. We got to go play with all the cool things they have AND got to watch a movie in the OMNI-Max theater. It was called WILD OCEAN and it was pretty cool. After that we had the chance to go to the planiterium to watch COSMIC COLLISIONS. It was one of the best days EVER. We both had so much fun spending time together. I love him SO much and I am so lucky to have him in my life. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Safety First! (in the Chemistry lab)

We made FLUBBER!


And this is US. So in love....Ü

Friday, October 3, 2008

Typical Day....

I am going to break down a day of work for you all so maybe you can see why I hate Dollar Tree.

First, at 4:05 am my wonderful alarm rings music to my ears. Not really but it goes off. I proceed to open my eyes and think, "Gosh dang it." Then hit snooze. When it goes off again at 4:10 am I hit snooze again. And again until 4:20 am. I text Brandon to make sure he is awake and Tabby too. I roll out of my bed, rub my tired eyes, and head to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and put in my contacts and then head back to my room glance at my WARM COMFY bed then get dressed. I walk to the kitchen and grab my lunch and Brandon's too and go to my car.

By this time it's 4:35 am. It's cold now and DARK. I think to myself, I should be in bed sleeping.

I pull into the Dollar Tree parking lot at about 4:45 - 4:50 am. I park and sit with my music on and close my eyes til Brandon gets there at about 4:53 - 4:55 am. I sometimes sit in his car for a few minutes but we usually don't have time. We stumble our way into the GLORIOUS warehouse where I put our lunch in the fridge and we clock in at about 4:57 -4:58 am.

We then make our way to our department the FURTHEST from the entrance. I am usually still asleep. Once we make our way there, we have stand up.

My department gathers into a circle where we do our stretches in which I always HOPE will last as long as it possibly can and then Pat or Nick our managers talk to us and go over our plan for the day. If I am kept in the department I am then given my trailer paper work and head to load whatever trailer I get. BUT... the other day I was farmed out to another department due to us being WAY over staffed... and this is what I would like to share.

TRANSLOAD. My old department. I was there. Brandon too. We were given a trailer to unload and it was FULL of jars of garlic. Not only did it SMELL so bad, the boxes were 19 lbs. and there were almost 2000. When we finished that trailer we were given another. Along with that, we got TWO OTHER people to help though it would have been the same WITH them or WITHOUT them cause they are the laziest people I know.

In this specific trailer there were three different kinds of boxes. The lightest being 25 lbs and the heaviest 38. I had to throw the whole stupid trailer while Brandon stacked. I thought I was going to die.

My arms were shaky and I was sweating like a pig. I was SO grateful when lunch rolled around at about the time most people are rolling out of bed. 10:00 am. ................

SO. After throwing that whole can, we got another. Lighter boxes but I was SO mad. Being there just puts me in a bad mood. Before I am even awake in the morning I am lifting heavy boxes above my head loading my trailer or lifting heavy boxes onto rollers. I hate it. My poor body seriously is having a hard time. I am always tired and sore.

AND that's why I hate my job. I want a new one.

But I thank Heavenly Father I have SOMETHING that pays decent and where I have benefits. I just need to work on my attitude I guess. Well thanks for listening to my WHINING.