Thursday, January 21, 2010

Being Pregnant this week....

Things you should NEVER say to a pregnant person no matter WHAT you may be thinking, feelings, or whatever. These are NOT uplifting things to hear. At least not to me.

1. How far a long are you? (pregnant lady answers) Wow and you are already that big? Looks like the baby's gonna be a big one!

-I don't need to know how big you think I am. I already know I'm getting bigger. It happens with pregnancy. Get over it. I have.... kinda.

2. Are you having twins? (No) Are you SURE?

-Pretty sure. Doctor said there is just one, and that's all we see in the pictures. Need proof? Dumby.

3. You think it's bad now? Just wait!

- I already know pregnancy doesn't get better towards the end. I can feel that coming on. AND I already know I will still be sleep deprived after the baby comes. This isn't news to me.

4. I'm SOOO tired. I could just go home and sleep.

-This is for people at work mostly. I know you are tired. We all get up at the crack of dawn... but try NEVER sleeping through the night, constantly being hungry and feeling as though your stomach is eating itself, and having a baby KICKING all night on your bladder that no matter HOW many times you empty it, IS ALWAYS FULL. Not to mention a husband to likes to twitch and move and make noises. (I LOVE HIM DONT GET ME WRONG)

5. My legs hurt so bad! (From what?) I don't even know!

- Also to people from work... I don't care if your legs/feet hurt. Not only do I KNOW cause I walk on the cement all day too... TRY HAVING YOUR HIPS ROTATING, GAINING WEIGHT, GETTING LEG CRAMPS RANDOMLY, and backaches ALL THE TIME... not to mention how lovely it is when baby Colston sits right on my tailbone it seems. It's a wonderful feeling. (not really)

SOOOOO I'm not trying to complain. I am grateful to have a job that allows me to pay for the things I need to and to have the benefits I do. I am grateful to be pregnant and carry this growing weed of a boy knowing he is HEALTHY as am I. I am grateful that I have not really been sick throughout this pregnancy and that I am able to do things. BUT... sometimes I just can't help but vent my frustrations. So forgive me if I sound as if I am whining or complaining... I mean I know the pioneers did this while crossing the plains and stuff in the snow with no shoes...

Heavenly Father knew I couldn't do that.... that's for SURE. For that I am ALSO GRATEFUL.

My weekend has officially begun.... GOOOOOODNIGHTTTTT! (I hope *wink wink*)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I am grateful to have a job BUT... our housekeeping lady is gone the entire month. Since myself and another girl, (Amanda) are pregnant, they have given us the job to do HER job while she is gone. I was assigned the sweeper scrubber which is something you just sit on and drive around.
(To replace this machine... it's $65,000) SOOOO easy enough... well Amanda's baby has shifted and is putting A LOT of pressure on her back and hip. She can barely walk. I felt SOOOO bad so I kindly offered to trade with her. I hope that since I am being nice, when I get to that stage of pregnancy someone will be there to save me! My reward for my kindness, since Monday, I have now been pushing this:

All the while cleaning these:
and these:
(And believe you me, they are NOT this pretty... only after I clean them)

Not to mention the following: Tables, making coffee, sweep and mop floors, windows, offices, vacuuming, making coffee, re-stocking the lunch room, making coffee, dusting.... etc.

Let me just say, after working with the 100+ people for the last three years, cleaning up after them sucks. I can't believe how GROSS grown ups can be. I thought that children were the only ones who accidently peed on the seat... or couldn't tell the difference between toilet paper and the TOILET SEAT. And if you think I am kidding, I'm totally not. Let's just say I have been pratically been wiping these peoples butts. G-R-O-S-S. (I don't really enjoy cleaning my OWN toilets!)

The reason for this post is to vent my frustrations but also be grateful at the same time that I do indeed have a job. (It's not easy to clean up after grown up CHILDREN when you are pregnant.) I just am not loving it as of now. So next time you use the bathroom in a public place, or eat, or anything... think of the people that have to clean up after you. And use the toliet paper to wipe your bum!