Monday, July 19, 2010

Three things....

.... that made my day yesterday. One; I witnessed this on my way to church. (not this specific picture but I saw it.) Totally made me smile.
Second... I saw this.... (obviously not this exact picture BUT) this girl was just running her horse through a field and she looked like she was having so much fun. You could just tell. And for a moment, I wished that sometimes I could just get on a horse and RIDE.
And thirdly and definitely the MOST important...


Sunday, July 11, 2010


A year ago today, I married my best friend.

A year ago today we were surrounded by our friends and family. A year ago today I made promises to Brandon that I intend to keep forever. A year ago today I thought was the greatest day of my life. A year ago today it WAS the greatest day... but now that a year has gone by with my best friend, I have learned that everyday with him is greater and greater. Come with me as I touch on some of the biggest parts of our first year together as Brandon and Jennifer McCreedy.
1. We went on our honeymoon to Newport, Or

2. We lived in our first apartment with a TINY kitchen

3. We found out we were expecting our first baby... McBaby

4. We celebrated our holidays together as a married couple. (Above: picking our first Christmas Tree)

5. On Valentine's Day we moved into our very first home after some DEEP cleaning and a fresh paint job.
6. Colston was born April 7th 2010. We LOVE him so much and he adds so much to our family.

Along with those six big points, we have had endless family gatherings, birthday parties, days at the river, camping trips, road trips and dinners out. We plan on only continuing these adventures and adding to our family as the time sees right. I love Brandon so very much and am thankful everyday for him. He is an amazing father and husband. We love our son so much and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BRANDON!


Last night Brandon went on a childless date to celebrate our one year anniversary. We went to see Eclipse because B had yet to see it. (He liked it better than the first two and is on team Jacob cause he likes the wolves) hahaha... anyway, after our movie we drove just down the street from our home to a place called Galeotti's. For any of you who watch One Tree Hill, MY FAVORITE SHOW, should know that this is Bethany Joy Galeotti's restaurant. (known on the show as the one and only Haley James Scott) That alone was exciting to me.
Brandon ordered the stuffed chicken breast:And I ordered the Halibut breaded with parmasean cheese:
Both were AMAZINGLY delicious. So as we are waiting for our food to come, Brandon says, "Jen there is Haley." I respond without even looking, "Yeah right, whatever." (He likes to joke with me and since he knows she is my favorite and how much I love the show I figured he was again joking) Someone walks passed me and then turns her head to the side. SURE ENOUGH THERE BEFORE ME WAS HALEY JAMES SCOTT. I just about DIED. My face turned BRIGHT red and my eyes got a little teary! I know it's lame but I couldn't even HELP my reaction. Brandon told me I was embarrassing him but I didn't care. We soon realized that we were in the corner of what seemed to be a large family gathering of her family and some friends. It was kind of awkward and I didn't want to even look at her. I SO badly wanted a picture to document this moment in history, but I am not one to pry. After we ate, I couldn't help it any longer. I casually told our waitress about my love for One Tree Hill (not telling her it is more of an obsession) and if Bethany would mind me asking for a picture. She laughed and told me how cute that was and that she would ask her. I then asked if she could just maybe wait til some of her family left so I didn't look like a HUGE idiot! A few minutes later I glance and see the waitress talking to her... about me. Ha. Talk about feeling lame. The waitress made her way to us and let us know that she would be happy to as soon as she finished eating. Brandon and I took that as a resounding no. Oh well I tried. We got dessert and as I was about to take a bite, THERE SHE WAS. "Hi!" she said. "OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. SAY SOMETHING YOU DUMBY!" was what went through my head. We went on to have like a seven minute conversation about our food, the little town of Battle Ground, and OTH. I told her I loved her show. She told me my baby was cute. We met her husband who is from here. And took a picture. She was SUPER SUPER nice and it made me love her even more. It's awesome to see such talented people acting so NORMAL. And she goes by Joy by the way.... ha... it was so amazingly awesome and it made our anniverary dinner that much better! I will NEVER ever forget that night!Ps... she's whiter than me. Ü

Colston goes swimming!

This is our swimmer boy. Despite the fact that yes he is growing bigger, his swim shorts do not yet fit. Ha! Since it's been super warm the last couple of days, I decided to get our little man a pool. He LOVED it!
Colston and Brandon getting ready!

And he's in! Loving it!

He was just standing staring at the water

Loving the reflections


Ok I'm done now!

Here is a video too!

Visitors from Scotland

Becky and Sophie came all the way fro Scotland to visit friends and family. US being some of those people. We got together for a dinner and a little birthday for Soph's. (and for Anna's new boyfriend Justin) It was a fun night with some really great people! Colston and Sophie are pretty much BFF'S.Colston and Anna

Bubble and Kisses!!!

Birthday Girl!

Isn't she a DOLL?!

Singing to Justin with his cupcakes made by Anna

Just enjoying the wonderful evening

She can't get enough of him



She just wanted a chance to hold him... and pet his head too of course

Neighbors for 22 years
The new happy couple

And our beautiful Becky and baby Sophie

Fun in the Sun!!!

The sun finally decided to come out and play. My mom was watching Adrienne's kid while she was at Girls Camp. Angela had taken the older kids to the river and that left the youngest Staley girls at mom's. When we stopped by to pick Colston up after work, this is what we found.

Getting brave and sitting in the COLD hose water!

Colston wanting no part in it.

So he decided to sleep in the shade.

The girls laying on their towels. I love the sunshine and how happy it makes most people. I love the heat, the darkened freckles and the fun that always comes along!


JULY 7, 2010
I can NOT even believe this guy is three months old. I can remember when I was three months pregnant. Oh how time is flying. It's really bittersweet because I LOVE watching all the new things he does but miss how little he used to be. He is around eleven pounds and around 23 inches long.

4th of JULY!

We spent another 4th of July at Teresa's house. Full of sunshine, family, friends, and yummy food it turned out good. Not to mention the fireworks. Colston slept in my arms not giving really any attention to the fireworks other than just an occasionally PEEK out of his blanket. The McCreedy's

Amber and Kyla


Colston showing off his new 4th outfit... AND his sexy legs

Colston and Grama T

And a jump for the 4th

Amber and I made these shirts

Amber and James

Cousins = Kyla and Colston. About a month apart

Cousin Brook

Stef and Brayden

Super CUTE

Happy boy

First take his eyes were closed, so this is number too... WIDE EYED ha

During the fireworks

This was the next day but it's tooooo cute to leave out. Colston rocking his daddy's basketball shoes.