Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Couponing and Chocolate

This morning, Brandon got a ride to work with a friend and left us the car. Colston was up at 6:30am after sleeping ALL night from 8:30pm til he woke up. It was wonderful. I however do not sleep through the night due to the EXTRA pressure on my bladder BUT I did feel more rested. Anyway, since B left us the car I decided to finish our Christmas shopping for the most part and get groceries with my coupons. My 'helper' had the newspaper literally ALL OVER THE HOUSE. He played with it for over an hour. He would cover his 'uck' (truck) with it then plow through it all. By the time it was time to go to the store this kid's hands were BLACK. It was gross but so funny. 

 Once we got home, we ate lunch and I put Colston down for a nap. I enjoyed some ice cream and then decided to clean and make Brandon a treat. At the moment I got up, so did Colston SO I entertained him with Christmas music and built him a fort. He loved it. I got a lot done. We made home made Resses (Brandon's favorite) and they turned out delicious. I even let my little man lick the spoon. HE LOVED IT. And yes... it was a stay in our jammies all day kind of day. 
 (he slipped while testing me with the Christmas tree and fell right into the side table)
These really do taste as good as they look. Probably even better than the real thing if I do say so myself. SUPER easy too!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Always making us laugh

(Picture is from my phone... sorry)

We keep telling Colston to leave the Christmas tree alone. He has done a great job and this is just to show that he parks his 'uck' (truck) as close as he can to the 'eee' (tree). Then he points and yells to me that it's an 'eee' in our house. He cracks me up!

Fresh Air

Yesterday Colston and I got the mail. We then decided to run around the whole neighborhood. In our PJS. With our slippers. And our coats. And it was FUN!
We not only ran, but we looked at and picked up the colorful leaves, AND we watched the birds fly over us in massive quantities. We LOVE where we live. 

I wish you all could see his awesome hop run that he does. It's pure greatness and I LOVE this kid. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hunting... for the perfect TREE!

So this year, like every year, we drove up to our favorite tree farm in good ol' Washougal. Brandon had to work overtime (lame for a Saturday) so once he was finished we piled in the car to head off on our journey. As we drove along all the windy back roads in hopes of finding snow, I casually stated, "It would suck to go into labor right now." Well needless to say, we found no snow, Colston slept the whole way, and I clearly did not go into labor. DARN.
My little Buddy Man helping me find the perfect tree.
Checking out the little ones... AND we forgot his hat so he wore mine.
Searching with Dad. I love these guys SO much!
Telling us that one was way too small.
Brandon trying to convince me this tree was only 9ft. When really... more like 12ft. 
Colston being a dork... hahahaha
Brandon cutting down the tree!
Just watching.... 

Me and my peanut head
Telling dad how to do it. 
Telling us how we broke the tree. Well more like, "Brote. Eeee."
Little man on a mission
We LOVE this kid....
Baby Sister tucked in all nice and warm.... still. 
Warm fire and hot chocolate
It was a lot of fun yet again and I am actually really glad we got it done before baby. Now to keep the tree alive til Christmas!

Our beautiful BIG tree all decorated
Our Christmas books on display
A few more small touches of Christmas... soon there will be more.
All lit up!
And our little family ready to enjoy this holiday season!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today was a good day

Today I stayed home. I have been going out to my parents house usually if Brandon is gone since I'm not sure when Sawyer will decide to come, but today we stayed home. My sister in law Brittney came over to do her Thanksgiving baking. She is always the one who makes the pumpkin pies. We hung out and relaxed while she slaved away in the kitchen. Just for memory sake, I must add that she made A LOT of messes. Flour and sugar on the floor, the counter, and ALL down the front of her. Pumpkin pie all over the oven. And not once but TWICE, having to clean out my refrigerator due to her raspberry jello dessert spilling over. Though she still needs to touch it up, she had to go to work. Poor girl... ha. I also baked my first pumpkin cheesecake. I think it looks just as delicious as it smells and can't wait to try it tomorrow. I am not sure where all this 'domestic-ness' is coming from but it's been pretty fun. (Pregnancy maybe?) 

ALSO today as I was tackling my cheesecake, my dear friend Kirsten stopped by with flowers. It's been quite awhile since I have seen her so it was such a nice surprise. We just sat and talked and caught up on life. She's amazing! 

Now I am sitting in the living room with my loves just relaxing as a family glad to know that B doesn't have to work tomorrow. Overall... I am happy with today even if Sawyer decides not to come. Cause I'm pretty sure... she isn't. HA!

Monday, November 21, 2011


I decided that while we wait for Baby Sawyer, that I would attempt to sew her a blanket. I wish I would have made one for Colston but I didn't. I guess I still could. I am going to be getting a sewing machine for Christmas and I CAN NOT WAIT! I had so much fun sewing this blanket for our princess girl and I even hand stitched the binding. It took a long time but I am glad I did it. I made it in one day with a little help from mom in hopes that Sawyer would be here. But hey at least it's done now!
(This picture is from my phone... so it's not great.)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just waiting!

After going to the hospital 11-18-11, well more like the 19th at 3am due to experiencing a lot of pressure and not sure if I was in labor or not, we found I was dilated to 4cm and sent home to wait on the arrival of our Princess. They said my contractions have to be more consistent OR my water has to break. Neither has happened. In fact, it almost feels like NOTHING is happening. Like we've gone backwards. BUT I know she will come when SHE'S ready. Not me. SOOOO therefore we went for a nice family walk this morning in the COLD, CRISP, FALL weather. The sun was shining and it really was a nice family time. I love my family. Not going to say that I wasn't trying to convince Sawyer to come out and see the last bits of the sunshine... she didn't fall for it. And now, it's 6:10pm and dark. Looks like she missed out. 
 A frosty web
 Our bundled little peanut complete with his hand warmers ha!

Later we decided to go walk around Fred Meyer's and maybe stir something up (because it's warm in there) and LO and BEHOLD we saw the WIENER! 
Never in my life have I or Brandon seen the Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile, but we did today so I made the boys pose. Who knows if Colston will ever see it so I had to document it. We got some laughs...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Pictures

A few days ago I decided that I really wanted some PRE-Smac family pictures. The weather looked like it was about to pour so I got my boys dressed and we raced out to mom's. She was willing enough to snap a few shots and sure enough as soon as we got home it POURED. Glad she was there and that we got some really nice pictures. Not to mention C did such a good job, SMILES and all!