Monday, February 27, 2012

Sawyer's Blessing day and TWO month pictures!

I honestly have no words for how cute this little princess is. She melts my heart. She was made for ME. I can not describe the bond I feel with Sawyer. Heavenly Father knew I needed her. Why I was lucky enough to be a mother to my wonderful children... I will never know. And quite frankly I don't care. I am just going to be the best mother I can be and NEVER let my children forget how much I love them. EVERYDAY.

February 6th, 2012: My WHOLE family was able to come to Sawyer's blessing. My brothers, sisters, parents, Aunt Polly, nieces, nephews...even our awesome friends Stephen and Telicia and their girls. It was the best day. The blessing by Gpa Barry was beautiful. We also had our friend Jeromy Dixon stand in the circle and at the last second Pres. Dave Richardson. It was amazing and I am soooo blessed to be a part of such a wonderful knit of family and friends.

Perfect smile
My life has been changed. It changes everyday. Changes in ways I LOVE. In ways I hope it continues to change. I love my husband. I love how he is with our children. He's the best father. I love our children. I just always want to squish them... hard. But not too hard... well... I want to but I don't. Just enough.

AHHH I just LOVE this face.
Sawyer weighed in 9.75lbs and was 22in long.
She smiles, coos, ALWAYS moves, almost rolls from her stomach to her back, LOVES to stand with help, does NOT like to be held like a baby usually does. She sleeps through the night. She LOVES her baths. She HATES the car seat. She truly is the best little baby girl.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another week in our life....

Here are some pictures of our week so far:

I snuck this picture of Colston in nursery. He has yet to go by himself but I know if I keep him going someday I will be able to sneak out and he'll stay and love it. Isn't he so cute?

My babies were cuddling on our bed and Colston and I were telling Sawyer that she needed to be brave during her two month Dr. appointment and getting her shots. It really was the sweetest thing. He is SUCH a great big brother!
Colston and I watched a fire truck from the window. An ambulance showed up and he was so excited. I don't think he realized what was going on but he watched intently while they put an elderly person in the back. Yelling 'he huck' (fire truck) and '

Sawyer weighed in at 9.75lbs and 22inches long. She is still below 50% on the charts in all categories but the Dr. was happy with her growth and how strong she is. She couldn't believe how well she holds her head up and body straight. She had to get three shots and I was on my own with her. I felt bad as they stabbed her little chicken legs but she was VERY brave and stopped crying shortly after I picked her up. Way to go baby girl!

Had to capture this. After Sawyer's appointment, we had to go to my parents house to get Colston. While we were there I cut up an orange and gave C some slices. With his second slice, he never brought the rind back to me. I knew that he hadn't eaten it so I had to search the living room for it. My parents have a table in the entry way to their house and I found it stuffed into a tiny little hole. Took me awhile to dig it out. I sure got a good laugh.

He was being such a sweet boy. He usually is pretty rude to Murphy dog. He like to pinch him, grab his ears, squeeze him, and try to ride him. Today I caught him cuddling with him. He just laid down and noticed me at the last second. Times like this remind me that he actually IS a sweet boy. Ha!

(5am) This beautiful baby slept NINE hours straight. Granted Colston woke up once, it was wonderful. She kept stretching and stretching with her little arms above her head for about five minutes straight. I laughed and had to snag a picture with my phone. 
This was after she was fed and changed and ready to sleep for a few more hours. Dreamy baby!

I have a friend that I went to high school with who had a daughter one month before I had Colston. We have gotten together a few times for the kids to play and happened to work it into our busy schedule! Cassie and her daughter Lily came over around 10am (before nap time). It took the kids a couple minutes to warm up to each other, especially since Colston isn't always the nicest person. He now thinks everything is his and he lets the world know by yelling, 'MINE!' They ate a good lunch, colored on the window with the window crayons, and ran a WHOLE bunch. 
We were hanging out Tuesday night after our Insanity workout and C was sharing his toys with Smac. I helped her to hold them and she did until her brother snatched them away.

I love my mornings with these two and am sad starting next week I won't get them anymore. Not for a few months anyway. Back to work I must go. I love how much they love each other. I think it's funny how C loves his bink and S hates hers. (We have cut back with his bink A LOT) 

Today we are venturing to the beach to stay in a hotel for TWO nights with the kids. Brandon wanted to go somewhere before I have to go back to work. His mom and sister Amber and baby Miles will be joining us Friday night. I cant wait. Once the laundry is dry and the dishes are done....OFF WE GO!!! Pictures to come.