Saturday, December 4, 2010

From us to you...

... WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! (and a Happy New Year!)


First pumpkin pies baked the night before... and I also made a cheesecake! We decided to have our first Thanksgiving with Colston at our house for the first time. It was wonderful. Mom and dad came over as well as Jacob. We feasted and then rested before we headed to Teresa's and then to our Uncle Dave's. All in all the day was great and Colston got to try A LOT of yummy foods!

Mom and Jacob getting the last bits ready for our feast


I think I cooked our turkey long enough... but it was DELICIOUS!

These two boys just waiting...

Up from his nap and ready to EAT!

Showing Grandpa all his toys

Mom cleaning

Our first Thanksgiving

Colston found the stairs... we're in trouble.

That's a LONG way up mister.... and a LONG WAY DOWN.

Over the hills and through the woods...


Britt thinks this one?.... no

Britt and C in front of our tree

Our family ... last year I was pregnant when we went here to get our tree

C with his Daddy

C touching the top

Me and my boy

"Let's see how tall this one is Aunt Britt! I bet I'm taller!"

Getting ready to carry out our tree

My love

Getting it all tied down for our long ride home

Waiting in the car


The outside lights up and shining, bringing a smile to our faces

The newly arranged living room and Mr. C standing at the coffee table... LIFE IS SO GOOD!!!

Jena's Wedding

Thanksgiving weekend my cousin Jena got married to Jason. It was a nice short sweet wedding and she looked beautiful. It was another fun family event. It's good to see her happy! (My cousin Amy, Jena's sister made thier cake topper cause Jena loves to bowl and Jason loves Frisbee golf)