Monday, March 19, 2012

Blazer date night!

February 16th we dropped Sawyer off with my sister Adrienne and took Colston on a date to a Blazer game. The Blazer stink this season but we had fun just taking him for the experience. Brandon's sister Brittney, her boyfriend Michael, baby Miles, and Michael's brother's family all went. We had dinner at Red Robin and had ice cream at the game. Colston held my hand when he started to get tired and I enjoyed it knowing that the day will come when he doesn't want to. Sad to think about but ANYWAY, Colston's favorite part was the flying blimp car. He laughed and laughed and said that it went 'Ni Ni' when they put it away. It was a fun night and I am excited to have another date with our little man again soon!

Miss Saucy Sawyer 'Sister'

February 21st:
This girl is about to roll. She is determined. And if she's life her brother she'll get it. And fast. Just wait! 

AND we officially have a thumb sucker. First one in the whole family. I was super against it but whatever. It's cute and who knows... maybe it wont last forever. And if it does, good thing I'm starting her piggy bank so we can pay for braces. hahahaha... 
She even hooks her finger around her nose sometimes. And it's always her left thumb. This girl loves her hands!

Extended family gathering

February 11, 2012: I talked my parents into going with me and the kids to my cute cousins State Cheer competition in Portland. My dad's sister Debi and her family live in Bend, OR. We are all really lame and never see each other which is silly being so close. ANYWAY Debi let us know that they would be 'closer' and I was able to convince the 'rents' to go! It was something I've never done so it was pretty fun to experience something new with people I love!
Colston loving on 'Peepa' or 'Pipa' (however you want to spell it)
Cousin Ryan with baby Sawyer. Boy did she love him!
Aunt Debi and Mom
Zach and Colston dancing to the music
Watching intently
Zachary and me
The fans 
My cousins team about to start
Here they go!
Group shot!
Haylee and Sawyer
Me and cute Haylee 
Me and Ryan
Dad and Debi (Brother and Sister)
What a fun time we had and I am SO glad we went!

ALSO: This girl turned TWO months. I can NOT believe how fast time is flying. She is beautiful. She talks allll the time. She sleeps through the night. She makes us smile. Her brother LOVES her and she loves him. She HATES the hiccups. She LOVES the bath. She is wonderful. I honestly can not say enough about her. *Sigh* She's dreamy. Sawyer baby we love you! 

Diaper changes and tractors (February)

I'll let the pictures kind of explain. 
Trying to put a diaper on his bear.
Success with the help of mom. And NOW to run it over with the tractor!
And later I found him with a swim diaper on around his waist. Thing is... he was in one leg hole. I couldn't stop laughing.

Pre-backtowork family beach trip...

Before I had to head back to work after being off since November, Brandon told me he wanted to head to the beach for the weekend. Not only two nights, but two nights IN A HOTEL! I was so excited to take this adventure with my little family.We packed up and headed out Friday Feb. 2nd. We checked into our hotel and then decided to walk around and get some dinner. We went to the arcade and the boys played some games and got some really yummy pizza. Once we got back to the hotel the boys decided to go swimming in the pool. Colston was SO excited and LOVED everything about the pool. They had a lot of fun while 'sister' and I watched from the side. It was way too cold for us!
DAY 2:
Brandon's mom, sister Amber and her baby Miles all came Friday to hang out and stay the last night with us. They showed up after naps and we then decided to take a stroll through town and make our way to the beach. We stopped for lunch and had some yummy burgers. Sawyer had fallen asleep in the front pack so I took it all off and laid her down on a blanket on the bench next to me. She slept the whole time. Colston got smiley potatoes and mini corndogs. And he sure does love his cousin Miles!
BEACH!!! I have never remembered a more beautiful weekend at the beach. The weather was amazing, in the mid 60's. Colston LOVED to run around in the sand and throw it and dig in it. Miles enjoyed sitting and feeling the sand with his hands and he was really good about not eating it too! 
I found a sand dollar and Colston was too scared to touch it. The babies slept on the blanket. We journeyed down to the water which was COLD! It hurt our feet and we laughed as we tried to run away from the sneaky waves. Colston was in HEAVEN. I never want to forget how cute he was trying to run so fast and how upset he was when we took him back to the dry sand. If we would have let him, we would have lost him to the sea. He spent some time digging holes with dad and Grandma Teresa too!
I LOVE this picture. Brandon caught it with his cell phone. There is something about the ocean that captivates me. The sound of the waves, the smell of the salt and the feel of the sand. To top it off the sky was beautiful as the sun began it's decent. BUT the real topper was having my babies near. To feel the weight of my daughter in my arms as I could hear the laughter of my husband and son. Nothing was greater than that. It's magical really.
We decided as it began to get noticeably colder that it was time to head back to the hotel. We snapped an awesome family picture on the way back too. 
BEAUTIFUL.... a perfect day. 
That night everyone went to the pool for some swimming. It was a first for Miles so that was fun. I didn't get in the pool because I sat on the side with Sawyer. (really there was no way I was getting into a swimsuit!) After the pool we trucked back to the pizza place for dinner and more arcade games then headed back for bath time then bed! We had a rough night sleep because Miles got sick but that's ok. Some is better than none. 
DAY 3:
For our last day of our vacation we drove south to Cannon Beach. Teresa bought a kite and showed Colston how to fly it. Colston spent most of the day pushing his new tractor around in the 'dirt'. He enjoyed watching the seagulls gather around to feast on whatever you offered. And Sawyer slept and even got to put her feet in the sand. 
My handsome love!
My little beautiful princess!
Our happy happy happy family. 
The weekend was perfect and just what we needed. I am grateful we live so close to the coast and can enjoy cheap weekends away from real life. I love my family so much and am in awe everyday at how we got so lucky. 
Had to stop and get a banana strawberry NUTELLA crepe on the way home!!!! Love this smile!