Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last week of 2011

Here are a few pictures of how we spent our last week of 2011:

My friend Sarah and I were both pregnant at the same time. It was fun to have someone to share it with especially since our due dates were only four days apart. Sawyer ended up coming early and Isaiah was a day late. Once things settled down after Christmas we ventured over to their house with pizza to meet the new little guy. Or should I say big guy Ü Compared to Sawyer's tiny petite self, Isaiah is a total boy. He weighed 8lbs at birth and I don't think Sawyer weighs that still. It was cute though to see them together!
This was in October
 Baby Isaiah (12-12-11) and Baby Sawyer (12-01-11)

 Brandon relaxed a bit and gamed it up with his princess
Sawyer played basketball with dad and Colston. (I think I'll have to tell her now that this is what happens with big brothers and dads around.)
AND we stole Brandon's Christmas caramel corn while he was at work. We totally sent him this picture too. Good thing he loves us!

Creativity at it's finest

Every year we rotate names in our family for gifts because we have a billion people and it makes it easier. It also gives us all a chance to do something meaningful. Every year dad goes all out for whoever he has and so far has surprised everyone he's given a gift too. He is so creative and really puts a lot of love into what he gives. This year I was the lucky one. He picked up this amazing antique magazine holder and then spent MANY hours painting and designing it just for me. It's beautiful and I love it. One side still needs to be finished but we're thinking of something together to fill it. Now I need to make space for it in our house. I just wish I could put it in the middle of the room so everyone could see all sides of it.
 This is the front. 
 The inside.
 'I love you more than rocks' a famous dad quote. And 'Eat ice cream for breakfast' which we did a lot when I still lived at home.
 The top (everything is carved into the wood, I believe with a wood burner)
 The back... he went and had a piece of copper cut for the back 
One side and then the other is the one that still needs something. I think we'll add something to this side as well. I LOVE it. Thank you dad for being awesome and really putting a lot of love into my gift. I definitely plan to keep this forever. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we spent at our home with just us four. Sawyer didn't sleep well so her and I ended up sleeping downstairs on the couch. Don't worry I didn't let her see Santa when he stopped by. I made sure we were BOTH sleeping. So with LITTLE sleep from a very restless uncomfortable night for me, I heard the boys moving around upstairs. It felt like it was 4AM but really it was a little after 7AM. I got the camera ready so I could capture Colston's face when he came downstairs. 
The boys and our tree
Colston opening his presents... even used his teeth to help him out
Sawyer just relaxing watching all of us
Even Brandon and I were good this year Ü
Our sweet kids by the tree in their Christmas PJS
The BIG present from Santa! A big battery powered four wheeler that he can't even steer ha.
New window crayons (one of the best things EVER), sleeping beauty, and new blocks!
Colston helped me make the brownies to take to my parents house
Me and my princess girl

Christmas afternoon: 
Around noon we headed on our way to my parents house. Every year my whole family gathers there for some yummy food, games, and gifts. This year was no different except there was A LOT more food and of course more people as we have added to our family since last year. We had a ham, turkey, brisket, and tri-tip. Not to mention all the delicious side foods too. I didn't take a picture but now I wish I would have. No one really took any great pictures but here are the few decent ones I was able to capture.
Mom and Dad's tree
Everyone gathered in the playroom to exchange gifts. 
Angela and Sawyer
Kate after opening her gift from one of her cousins. (They draw names within each other)
More exchanging
Our newly(est)weds. Terry and Brianna... 
Colston got a tractor from Gpa and Gma. Boy does he LOVE tractors.
I captured the moment before Colston smacked Ruby in the face... she didn't flinch, he got in trouble, and then they started playing together. They're weird... 
Being buddies... finally.
Brandon and his 'mini'
Building a tower with Gpa

Christmas Night:
We ventured back to Brandon's mom's house after we left my parents house. Teresa still had some gifts for us to open. Colston got a basketball hoop and an art easel. BOTH of which he loves. I got a giftcard to Joann's... WOOHOO and Brandon got a new Carhart jacket. Like I said, we were all very spoiled.
Opening his new basketball hoop
Baby Miles just being his cute chunky self. 

So all in all, our Christmas was amazing. It's so wonderful having majority of our family close and willing and able to get together. I treasure my family and the relationships we have. I love being close. I love Christmas. I am thankful for all that we have especially the great gift of our Savior. 

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Brandon's mom's house. Unlike last year there were a lot of family in and out who also spent some time with us. It was good to get to see those we don't see as often and just be together as a family. We showed up around noon and stayed til around seven or so. There was a delicious ham dinner made by mine truly Mr. B and lots of presents to pass around. I can't believe how spoiled we all were. 
Gma Teresa's ginormous tree
Santa Baby (Miles)
Gma and Colston... these bears have magnetic noses so they kiss. He thought it was so funny. I love this picture.
There is a story behind these pictures besides my children being overly tired. I really wanted a picture of these cute cousins together in their Christmas attire. I originally put Smac on Colston's lap BUT he was not having him. He shoved her off his lap and right onto the couch. She just tucked and rolled and ALMOST landed on the floor. We saved her though and I braved the picture once again and just put her NEXT to him. The outcome makes me laugh... 
Aunt Britt got Colston a set of TWO potato heads. Colston LOVES Toy Story and these two Potatoes dress up as Buzz, Woody, Jessie and of course the original Mr. Potato Head. He was so happy when he saw them. 
Daddy helping Colston unwrap a present from Gpa Berry
Amber and baby Miles
Gpa Berry (Amber's Dad) and baby Sawyer
Just hanging out
This is just a picture to show some of us that were there. It was a great day/night. I love this time of year and all the time spent with family. There is always good food and I GUESS presents are a plus. But aside from that, obviously there is the real meaning of the season and that is Jesus Christ. What a HUGE blessing He is in our lives daily. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Little Friends

This is Sawyer's favorite way to sleep....and Colston loves to hold her then yells, "Pit-cher!" (picture) Its super sweet. I sure do love our babies! (pictures from my phone)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twas the week before Christmas...

How we spent this week before Christmas:

 (Kind of... who really sleeps with a newborn and a teething crazy Colston) 
 I had to picture both my boys sleeping because not only do they LOOK ALIKE, they sleep alike. These pictures are in fact taken two different nights, but in the same spot. C joined me in bed after Brandon went to work one day and during one of the many mid-night feedings I noticed B was sleeping the same way so I snapped a picture of him... hahaha! Love my boys!

Baking and Visiting family:
(Complete with attitude)
 He was yelling at me because he didn't want me to take his picture and his nap was cut short by Aunt Angela and the garage door Ü My mom put this hat and these gloves on Colston and he thought he was going to go outside in the cold. He got mad when I told him he needed his shirt and coat too. 
 Powdered sugar on the bum... always cute 
 Helped Angela with dishes AND even broke her amazingly expensive measuring cup from the Dollar Tree.

Arts and Crafts:
(Who cares if we were in our jammies... half way!)
 (Hate this picture of me but I figured I should make an appearance in my blog) While the paint on our craft dried, I set Colston lose with the strainer and some pipe cleaners. FORTY FIVE minutes of free time baby... TRY IT if you have small children. I could have probably folded three loads of laundry. 
 Colston wanted me to take a picture of his 'trator' (tractor). He is obsessed with this. Carries it everywhere along with his blanket. 
 Our reindeer craft! My cute kids' feet prints turned festive. This was fun and I think they look SO cute!

We got dressed up and survived our first Sunday back to church. 
Colston wanted NOTHING to do with nursery. That is our goal with the new year. And potty training. (He has this new thing of putting his hands in his pockets so I am glad I captured it... yes with my phone at church. BAD I know but look how cute his is)

Visited Santa:
Had a minor major meltdown

 We took the kids to the mall to see Santa. Colston was completely content waiting in line. As soon as we went to Santa...FREAK OUT. Screamed like I was kidnapping him or killing him. In front of a million people. It was epic. Therefore, my hands are in the picture... not forcing him, just reassuring him. Ü

We love our dad/husband. He works so hard to support our family and we are grateful for him. Couldn't have found a better man for us all!
PS: This girl LOVES her daddy. No one else can make her melt like him... like butter on toast. It's sweet.

I can not believe Christmas is in three days.