Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My friend Heather came to visit me this past weekend and we had a blast. She is from Georgia and we seem to be twins from the opposite sides of the country. Ü We have a lot in common it's almost scary sometimes but it's fun! (We are the eastcoast/westcoast twins) Anyway, we got the chance on Saturday to go to Mt. Hood to go boarding. It was Heather's THIRD time ever seeing snow in the life and also the third time she got to snowboard. She is really pretty good and picking it up fast.
So that's all I have been up to really. That and just taking care of Baby Zach and stuff. So just an update to let you all know (whoever reads this) that I am still alive, well, and happy. Ü Here is baby Zach... He is now almost 7 months and weighs 14 lbs. Hooray!

Till next time....