Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Melts my heart...

Due to runny noses... we had to watch the snow from inside...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We are a bunch of sickos today. Brandon and I called into work as a result of feeling like crap and having a crying baby ALL night. The only way C would sleep was laying on my chest on the couch. Not in my bed... but on the couch. He was feverish and sweaty... and I was SUPER warm with his little heater body. His nose is stuffy and his eyes were puffy. Poor little man. Brandon and I have colds... and it's a snotty mess here. C's teeth need to come out SOON.


This kid FINALLY has enough hair to wake up with BEDHEAD! WOOHOO!

Since I had a day off I invited Telicia and Brittany over to make some Christmas crafts. It was a lot of fun to catch up with them and to actually make some cute things for our home and our first Christmas here.

Aunt Brittany Robinson with the kiddos!

These are my crafts thanks to the baby food jars I kept... Telicia and Britt also made some cute snowmen! I am going to put some fake tea light candles in them. They are gonna be pretty rad!

I also made this cool little thing. I have all the stuff to make another one and then they will be placed on the wall throughout the Christmas season. :o) (All I used is a little canvas, scrap book paper, glue, a layer of mod podge, and a cute ribbon) TADA!


Camryn's Birthday

HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY CAMRYN!These two are buddies!

Jenny and Camryn

Blowing out the candles

Totally got into playing JUST DANCE 2. You should try it!

Everyone having SO much fun playing!


This would be C. He is trying and kind of succeeding at pulling himself up onto things. In this picture you can see his hanger. This kid LOVES that hanger. Takes it everywhere with him. He's awesome.

We left his car seat box out to see what he would do. And after a short while he crawled into it... WITH his hanger. A few minutes later... this is what happened.

We had to save him. :o)


CANADA!!! Sisterface Laura sent me a birthday package. It was completely AWESOME because it drew out my birthday by a month. She rocks.
Just to be safe... I blurred out our addresses. Don't need any stockers.

C was TOO excited and insisted I open my package before taking him out.

CANADIAN CHOCOLATE! My favorite was the Coffee Crisp! YUMMMMY!

The AWESOME card Karen made upon request by Laura. I am the one on the left and Laura is on the right. We are wearing basketball shorts and peace sign shirts in case you were wondering.

AND SHE SENT ME MY VERY OWN I HEART CANADA SHIRT! And I do heart it cause Laura is there and her awesome family that I get to meet in FEBRUARY! Woohoo!!!

You are wonderful Laura and thank you for being awesome. LOVE YOU!


His first scratch due to a friend hitting him with a toy... oh and his completely ADORABLE face that I LOVE. (How can you not LOVE that face?!)

This boy can sit UP all by himself ANNNNND crawl. He is now around 19lbs. He says DADA and mumbles random conversations most of the time. He has no teeth but is definitely teething. Poor guy. His nose is STUFFY and he sometimes has a fever. I feel so bad for the little guy. I'm not wishing time away but I do hope his little teeth poke through soon. He tries hard to be happy though! He keeps us on our toes and when he crawls, he crawls FAST. Watch out world this boy is on his way!!!


Family Gatherings

Two of Brandon's Aunt's were here visiting so we all got together and went out for pizza. It was a lot of fun to hang out and be able to catch up. Plus the pizza was amazing :o)

Aunt Kerri, Brittney, and Aunt Julie

Cousins! (Becka's Family)

Best family shot we could get

Baby cousins all born a few months apart BUT all on the seventh! (Colston loves Avery by the way)

Uncle Dave and his sisters with all the babies!

October Family Pictures!

Our Family rocks. I LOVE my boys.... SO MUCH.

The REST of October.... (in a nut shell)

So we've been super busy and I have been super LAME about NOT blogging. I promise to TRY harder to be BETTER at this. I know it's important. SO here's what I DIDN'T blog in the rest of October.

FIRST:This boy turned HALF A YEAR. That's right 6 months ago this sweet bundle of CRAZINESS was born! Best day ever.

Went to watch this silly girl play soccer. This was her after the game.

(This is Angela giving my child POP)

THIRD: These kids were born on the same day. This is Miss Ember. Her mom Mandy and I work together and were pregnant at the same time. She had her late, and I had Colston early. Guess they just wanted to be born at the same time!


We went on a family outing in the rain to the Pomeroy House to pick out our pumpkins and go on a hay ride. It was fun despite the Washington rain!


C got a new winter hat, AND cool new camo boots to match dad's. :o)

(Sorry if this isn't your cup of tea but it's big at our house!)Brandon's second year of hunting he shot a spike. Our freezer is now full of peppered jerky and pepperoni sticks. It's really good and he was SUPER happy.



We got to dress up and go to an eighties Halloween party. It was a lot of fun! We took C down to Tessa's to trick or treat for the first time. He walked down the street with the help of me and even knocked on her door. He was lucky enough to get to eat the one sucker he got. (Only for like five seconds... promise!)