Sunday, August 16, 2009


Tonight was the first time I ever made ribs in my life. I thought it would be fun to try something new. SOOOOO I made ribs that sat in the crockpot ALL DAY... and then to go along we had pasta salad, corn, and red mashed potatoes. It was delicious. I'm not even lying. Here is the only picture proof that I have ha... and YES I made it!

The Honeymoon... FINALLY

So this post will have a lot of pictures for you to all look at... so no complaints about me never posting!!! hahaha... We went to Newport, OR for our honeymoon. We had SO much fun and it was SO relaxing. We got to spent a whole week away and it was DEFINITELY much needed. Below is a picture line of our adventure.

This was our home for the week. BEAUTIFUL room with a beautiful view!

From a different angle

Standing in our little living room, here is our little kitchen, fireplace, and flat screen tv Ü


Brandon outside on our deck with the awesome view!

Here is the living room


Brandon and the sunset... I love him
Kissie Kiss!!!

Then we got to go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It was pretty cool... for a few seconds ha! Here are the little Nemo fishes.

And the Jelly Fishes

Happy couple... JAWS!!!

Walking around the Aquarium being in love

This cool hat I found in the shops we walked through

Brandon in this cool pirate ship we found

Me and the big Walrus... ha

Typical boy... and his pirate wench...

Just the yellow submarine

Just relaxing...

Walking through town in the WIND

At a place called the view point... we were WAY high up


Something we picked up at the shops to play in our room... hahaha

Room service? YES... what a delicious breakfast!

Just watching a movie

Me of course... ha

Our rings... (kinda blurry sorry)

A little place we were told to go for dinner for their yummy pizza. We played a few games of pool too.

I had like ONE good game

A view of our hotel from the beach

Brandon walking out to the sand bar.

Jumping pictures OF COURSE! We are just happy to be married!


Happy smiles

The stairs back to our hotel

Brandon and his frizbee that he LOVES
Sandy beach kisses!

Me writing... THE MCCREEDY'S 7-11-09

Played a LOT of games and I won most of them Ü


Starting our journey home... sad but happy too

Blowing bubbles with my bubble gum!

SUPER IN LOVE!!!!! The McCreedy's!



We are so in love!

Phone Pictures...

Here are a few pictures of things that have happened with us lately. Sorry it's not a FULL post but those will be posted soon. Im not sure about ALL the dates of these pictures but here they are.
Me and my little friend Zach at my friend Erek and Stef's rehearsal dinner. (8-7-09)

Brandon holding his new baby cousin Brook. She is SO cute!!!! Born this month... but I can't remember when. (sorry)

At the beginning of this month we watched my brother Jonathan's kids while him and his wife went to Seattle for their anniversary. They have 5 kids, but there were also three friends. So eight kids. Ha... it's was a job! But they are good kids. And not to mention my other sister lives right next door so her kids came to play. Here is Brandon playing in the pool with some of them. They love their new uncle Brandon. And so do I!