Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last week of 2011

Here are a few pictures of how we spent our last week of 2011:

My friend Sarah and I were both pregnant at the same time. It was fun to have someone to share it with especially since our due dates were only four days apart. Sawyer ended up coming early and Isaiah was a day late. Once things settled down after Christmas we ventured over to their house with pizza to meet the new little guy. Or should I say big guy Ü Compared to Sawyer's tiny petite self, Isaiah is a total boy. He weighed 8lbs at birth and I don't think Sawyer weighs that still. It was cute though to see them together!
This was in October
 Baby Isaiah (12-12-11) and Baby Sawyer (12-01-11)

 Brandon relaxed a bit and gamed it up with his princess
Sawyer played basketball with dad and Colston. (I think I'll have to tell her now that this is what happens with big brothers and dads around.)
AND we stole Brandon's Christmas caramel corn while he was at work. We totally sent him this picture too. Good thing he loves us!

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Angela said...

Thats a funny one one of Sawyer!