Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we spent at our home with just us four. Sawyer didn't sleep well so her and I ended up sleeping downstairs on the couch. Don't worry I didn't let her see Santa when he stopped by. I made sure we were BOTH sleeping. So with LITTLE sleep from a very restless uncomfortable night for me, I heard the boys moving around upstairs. It felt like it was 4AM but really it was a little after 7AM. I got the camera ready so I could capture Colston's face when he came downstairs. 
The boys and our tree
Colston opening his presents... even used his teeth to help him out
Sawyer just relaxing watching all of us
Even Brandon and I were good this year Ü
Our sweet kids by the tree in their Christmas PJS
The BIG present from Santa! A big battery powered four wheeler that he can't even steer ha.
New window crayons (one of the best things EVER), sleeping beauty, and new blocks!
Colston helped me make the brownies to take to my parents house
Me and my princess girl

Christmas afternoon: 
Around noon we headed on our way to my parents house. Every year my whole family gathers there for some yummy food, games, and gifts. This year was no different except there was A LOT more food and of course more people as we have added to our family since last year. We had a ham, turkey, brisket, and tri-tip. Not to mention all the delicious side foods too. I didn't take a picture but now I wish I would have. No one really took any great pictures but here are the few decent ones I was able to capture.
Mom and Dad's tree
Everyone gathered in the playroom to exchange gifts. 
Angela and Sawyer
Kate after opening her gift from one of her cousins. (They draw names within each other)
More exchanging
Our newly(est)weds. Terry and Brianna... 
Colston got a tractor from Gpa and Gma. Boy does he LOVE tractors.
I captured the moment before Colston smacked Ruby in the face... she didn't flinch, he got in trouble, and then they started playing together. They're weird... 
Being buddies... finally.
Brandon and his 'mini'
Building a tower with Gpa

Christmas Night:
We ventured back to Brandon's mom's house after we left my parents house. Teresa still had some gifts for us to open. Colston got a basketball hoop and an art easel. BOTH of which he loves. I got a giftcard to Joann's... WOOHOO and Brandon got a new Carhart jacket. Like I said, we were all very spoiled.
Opening his new basketball hoop
Baby Miles just being his cute chunky self. 

So all in all, our Christmas was amazing. It's so wonderful having majority of our family close and willing and able to get together. I treasure my family and the relationships we have. I love being close. I love Christmas. I am thankful for all that we have especially the great gift of our Savior. 

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